Special Materials like adamantine, mithirl, or serricsteel don’t exist.
Silver is still Silver. Items made of silver alloy will be treated as silver.
Cold Iron is iron not steel.

In place of this we will levels of craftsmanship

Shattered Night Pathfinder/DND Iron Kingdoms Special Qualities
Normal or Low Quality Normal Normal Can not be enchanted
Well Crafted Masterwork Masterwork +1 to hit, can be enchanted
Masterwork Mithril Serricsteel 80% normal weight, 20hp/inch and hardness 15
Custom made Adamantine Quenched Serricsteel 60% normal weight 30hp/inch hardness 20

Special Custom made items are only considered proficent for the person which they were commissioned.

Pricing see page 181 Iron Kingdoms and use the serricsteel pricing.

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