Etiquette and Table rules

Start Time—Monday night at 7:00
End Time—Monday night at 10:30

Please limit table discussion during game-play to the game at hand.

Please make all dice rolls in open view and have as much as possible pre-rolled, so that when your turn arrives you can expedite you actions. Combat should be fun, but it can drag very quickly, too.

No laptops on the gaming table except the DM’s.

If you are casting a spell or using an ability, know what it does before your turn comes around; also to expedite combat.

If something seems amiss, such as a spell not working or an attack seems to fail just go with it. The DM may have a plan and it’s no fun if he has to reveal why it’s not working. I really do on occasion know what’s going on, sometimes.

If you’re not having fun say something; good suggestions are always welcome.

All dice rolls need to be made in front of the DM or 2 players.

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Etiquette and Table rules

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