Magic Items

Magic Items but are clearly identifiable as such with the magic bound to the item with runes that are visible. Average magic items have a lifespan, as the runes don’t last forever and will need to be recanted in time, the runes a very hard does destroy through physical means and are immune to direct damage and the erase spell. Magic items can still be destroyed through the normal methods. With their destruction the runes will disapate with a small chance the magic stored in them will explode. Damage will be 1d10 +level required to create(d10) with a radius of 10 + level to required to create(10 feet).

The runes here are not the same as the Inscribe Rune feat that is separate.

Identify spell if you have the proper item creation feet you will not need the spell to identify the item.

The runes must be clearly on the outside of the item and they always have a faint glow. No glow no magic.

The exceptions to these rules are artifacts and relics.

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