Banned Classes

Barbarian – The day of the berserking warrior has long past in the west.
Bard – The bardic as presented by this class has long died out.
Dragon Shaman – the last dragon was seen 1500 years ago and this tradition never existed.
Favored Soul – Does not exist
Hex Blade – No tradition in the west exist for this.
Knight – replaced by Cavalier
Monk, Ninja, Samurai, Shujenga, Wu Jen – There is no western version of this class and it does not fit the setting. Asian only.
Shaman – The western idea of a shaman has long ceased to exist NPC only.
Spell Thief – Does not exist.
Summoner – Does not exist.
Warmage – Does not exist.
Warlock – Does not exist in the west.

Class changes

Alchemist – These are the true Alchemist not the herbalist or apothecary. And viewed by many as mad scientists. May be of either gender.

Arcane Mechanic – This class in new on the scene an offshoot of the wizard class. With the onset of steam power and industrialization their emergence has been met with mixed reception. They may be of either gender.

Beguiler – Blending magic with stealth and cunning. Most beguilers function as agents for a wizard guild. Maybe either gender.

Bodger – Maybe either gender

Cavalier – These are you nobles and military officers. They must belong to a knightly order or the military. And abide by their code. This class is male only.

Cleric – These are clergy who have dedicated them selves to the old ways to help protect the church. All Clerics must belong to a monastic order and abide by its rules. Clerics are only proficient in daggers, slings, and blunt simple weapons. the are only proficient in light armor. Male clerics are typically called priests or monks and female are called sisters. When using healing they only take on quarter of the damage instead of the one half normally taken for healing.

Druid – The Druid tradition still exists in the hinterlands but they are guarded and secretive. Druids cannot shapeshift. Maybe of either gender.

Duskblade – Most duskblades are taught by the mages to augment the martial prowess with magical abilities and are use mostly as a paramilitary arm of the mage guilds to help police there own.

Fighter – Enlisted men, Brawler, Street Thugs, and Heavies, These are men who have dedicated their lives to the art of fighting. May be of either gender.

Gun Mage – Arrived on the scene as the advent of firearms. With no history of guild association many gun mages operate outside of the law, given their general nature this appeals to them. Though some are highly sought out by the military to operate artillery some take this up because it offers them some protection. May be either gender.

Inquisitor – These are specialized clerics who protect the church by taking a more aggressive stance. They mostly aim for heretics and rogue spellcasters, but this is not a limitation. must be male.

Orcale – Though of many to be psychics and mediums and by most to be charlatans but the few that do exist power is real thought it may still be a mystery even to them. May be either gender.

Paladin – These are warrior monks belonging to military monastic orders. Their code is based on the code of their order. They may only take the mount option and it is treated like a cavaliers mount. Male only.

Ranger – There are two types of rangers classic and urban. Rangers must take the animal companion option. Rangers may be of either gender.
Classic – These rangers are the masters of the wild and huntsman who, work closely with the druids and serve also as their eyes and ears and the martial side of the Druid circles.
Urban – Unearthed Arcana, These ranger usually are seen as thief takers and bounty hunters, who work closely with law enforcement but not always.

Rogue – May not take the spell tricks. May be either gender.

Scout – Skirmisher and sharpshooters for the military, and some times woodsmen. May be of either gender.

Swashbuckler – Military officers, courtiers and ship captains all are common places to find them. May be either gender.

Sorcerer – Are view as those who view magic though force of will and without discipline. Those who cannot find patronage risk the inquisition of being hunted by the wizards guilds.
Bloodline restrictions no abyssal, no physical change, no flight, no dragon.

Witch – Fear by many and blamed for a lot of the bad things that happen, yet sought out for aid in times of dire need. Always working on the fringe and hiding form the authorities. Must be female.

Wizards – May be either gender.

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