Character Creation

Ability Scores

Ability scores will be rolled. – roll 2 sets with 2d6+6 for each ability. Stats that are too high or to low maybe adjusted by the DM. I want balanced stats with a random feel.


All Characters must be human


Pick you place of birth Origins. You character can come for the streets, the church, merchant background, military, or minor nobility. If noble he should not have any titles himself though or in line to claim any. If military he needs to be no longer in the military. If you wish to give your character wealth it should be tied up in such a way that you don’t have any real access to it though. He should exhibit some characteristics of the Byronic hero.

  • a strong sense of arrogance
  • high level of intelligence and perception
  • cunning and able to adapt
  • a troubled past
  • sophisticated and educated
  • self-critical and introspective
  • mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
  • emotional conflicts or moodiness
  • a distaste for social institutions and norms
  • being an exile, an outcast, or an outlaw
  • disrespect of rank and privilege
  • jaded, world-weary
  • cynicism
  • self-destructive behavior

but remember you must be able to work in a group.


Some classes will have gender restrictions. Otherwise socitiy as a whole is more accepting of a loosening of gender roles. However military is male only.


With you choice of class you need to develop a background that gives you a moderate amount of fame or noteworthiness. Also see the Byronic Hero in Wikipedia.

Sidekicks, Menservants and Apprentices

You character my have one by they are not for combat and purely for roleplay and to round out you character.

Leadership feat not applicable as we should have enough players.


There is not set alignment it will be based of your actions in necessary or treated on an ad hoc basis.

MinMax and Balance

Don’t Min Max or make you character overly powerful powerful or too focused in on area. If it becomes game breaking be prepared for and excessive string of bad luck. Keep a balance.

Starting Level

Level 5

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Character Creation

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