Major Rafe Carastairs

Mounted Army Officer


Trade investments: p. Africa: Gold, Jewels, Ivory, Silks, and Ceramics p. America: Furs, Sugar, Tobacco, and wood p. Indian: Spices, Exotic fabrics, and Jewels


Rafe Carastairs was born the 6th son of his Grace, The Duke of Overton, the 4th wealthiest dukedom in England. He was always a rebel growing up. Being the 6th son of duke, he did not have a chance of suceeding to the Dukedom. He learned everything about business, trading, and marketing from his father. As the 6th son, he was only going to be prominent with this wealth. On his 18th Birthday, his father gave him a small Earldom of Brickpool, one of the many properties he owns. p. When the Crimean wars began, he bought and officers commission of Captaincy. Due to his “gallantry and bravery” for taking a fort against all odds. He was given a promotion to major. At the end of the war, he returned home. p. He is extemely wealthy, but most of his wealth is tied up in investments and ventures. His net worth is in the millions of pounds, but no one knows this.

Major Rafe Carastairs

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