Julian Highgate, Viscount

Aristo with a deadly secret


Name: Julian Highgate, Viscount
Class: Sorcerer
Bloodline: Infernal
Level: 5

Str 14 +2
Dex 16 +3
Con 14 +2
Int 15 +2
Wis 11 +0
Cha 19 +4

Fort 1+2 = 3
Ref 1+3+2 = 6
Will 4+0 = 4

10+3+3+1 = 17

Bloodline of Fire(Background)
Eschew Materials(Granted)
Martial Weapon Proficiency(Sword Cane)
Extend Spell
Improved Initiative
Obtain Familiar(Fox)

Extra Spells:
Protection from good, scorching ray

Skills:[2+int per level(25 total)]

Appraise(int) 7 (2+3+2)
Bluff(cha) 11 (4+3+4)
Diplomacy(cha) 12 (5+3+4)
Intimidate(cha) 9 (1+3+4)
Knowledge(arcana)(int) 10 (5+3+2)
Profession(wis)(Sailor) 5 (2+3+0)
Spellcraft(int) 10 (5+3+2)
Use Magic Device(cha) 8 (1+3+4)

+2 Charm DC
+2 Fire DC
+4 vs fire saves
Corrupting Touch – Cause creature to be shaken with a touch attack for a number of rounds equal to half sorcerer level. They radiate an aura of evil for the duration.
Infernal Resistances – Resist fire 5, +2 vs poison

Greatcoat (20gp)
Pistol, musket (175 gp)
Swordcane(45 gp)
Noble’s outfit (75gp)
Signet Ring (5gp)
Compass (10gp)
Pocket Watch (150gp)
Holster (4gp)

Total cost- 484 pounds of 10,500 gp


Julian Highgate once had a fortune and a proud title. The last of his line, he had little desire to create an heir at his young age and as such entertained himself in other ways. The best of life had been his for quite some time and he’d long since gotten over the loss of his family. So, when a trio of young maidens came along, offering him something he’d never seen before, how could he pass?

Highgate’s heritage was unknown to himself. Whether by some deal that had given his family its nobility or a lesser desire, a ‘curse’ had been laid down upon his line. All it needed was a little kindling.

Of course, magic isn’t looked upon too favorably, even in the higher circles where it’s occasionally dabbled in. His powers were such that they did not conceal so easily as others. Raw magic, raw potential, as it turns out, has its downsides..

The (now ex)Viscount Julian Highgate lost all he had in a moment of treachery. Exposed by a close friend with ties to the church, he lost his holdings and was forced to flee.

Now driven by revenge against the friend who claimed his title and vengeance against the beings that forced this destiny upon him, he sets out with a dark heart to reclaim what once was his..

Julian Highgate, Viscount

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